Contact to the race organizer

Only duly registered competitors with a visibly displayed start number and after paying the entry fee may participate in the Czechaustrian Marathon and Half Marathon.

The race is open to adults of all ages and genders.

It is not allowed to run outside the marked track.

The races will take place in all weather conditions.

All responsibility for physical fitness and current health is the responsibility of the participants. Before the start, we recommend a medical examination.

Organizátoři závodů nejsou odpovědni za případné zranění ani majetkové škody vzniklé v souvislosti s účastí na akci.

Participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the organizers.

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Time measurement and results

The electronic timekeeping is provided by SunBell The results will be continuously published on the website.

Starting number

Each competitor is required to have his/her bib number attached to his/her chest so that it is visible and may not be covered. Without the bib on your chest, your time may not be recorded. The starting number is the property of the organiser. Starting numbers are not transferable to another person without the consent of the organiser. The start number will include a chip. A competitor who starts with a starting number assigned in the start list to another competitor will be disqualified.

Transferring the starting number to another person and changes in the entry form

The entry fee paid will not be refunded. The starting number can be transferred to another person for a handling fee of 4 €. It is not possible to transfer the entry fee to the next year.

In case you want to transfer your starting number to another participant or make a minor change in the entry form, you can do so at In the main menu, select „Change application“ and enter all the details of the new participant. However, the change must be made by the person who was originally registered. The new participant already takes over the starting package. Once the start package has been taken over, the start number can no longer be transferred.

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Back of the starting number

On the back of your bib you have the option to fill in your medical details. This information will be used by the organizer only in case of health complications of the competitor and subsequent treatment by the medical and emergency services. In case of your interest, please fill in the submitted data with your current health problem, illness, allergies, contact person or any other important information that may help us in case you receive medical assistance during or after the run. You will also find a phone number on the back. . contact details for emergency services during the event.

Registration and entry fee

The entry fee is non-refundable.

Payment of the entry fee is a condition of valid registration and participation in the race. Registration is considered valid only after payment of the entry fee in full. Payment by wire transfer must be credited to the organizer’s account within 3 days after registration.

You can only pay the entry fee by bank transfer. Please do not pay the entry fee by postal order.

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For inclusion in the age category, the age reached in that year is decisive, regardless of the day and month of birth.

Higher Power

Depending on the circumstances, the organiser reserves the right to modify and further specify some of the information provided in these specifications or the organisational instructions. The organiser also reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the event or any of the disciplines of the event in the event of serious danger, in particular war, adverse weather, danger of terror or other attack threatening the safety of the participants of the event, or other unforeseeable vis maior events and circumstances..

In such a case, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee, or part thereof, insofar as the organizer has already incurred the costs of preparing the event in the period prior to the actual moment of interruption / cancellation of the event. However, the organiser may, after considering all the circumstances and quantifying the costs associated with the preparation of the event, compensate the participant for part of the entry fee.

Measure COVID-19

In the event that the current situation related to the spread of COVID-19 disease requires the implementation of measures in accordance with the current regulations of the Chief Hygienist and the Ministry of Health, the participation of competitors in the event may be adjusted based on the decision of the organizer , or on the established epidemiological and hygienic rules for the organization of mass sporting events.

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